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Corning animal shelter in dire need of donations

Published On: Jan 15 2014 08:35:00 PM CST
Corning Animal Shelter’s Second Chance Pet Rescue program
CORNING, Calif. -

The Corning Animal Shelter’s Second Chance Pet Rescue program gives dogs left to fend for their lives, a bright new beginning.

"When they come in they're usually somebody's pet, and then they end up being our pet until we can adopt them out to be someone else' pet," explained Toni Williams, the shelter’s caretaker.

Williams, along with help from volunteers, does everything in their power to make sure Second Chance Pet Rescue is a no kill shelter. They also take the time to help the dogs not only survive, but thrive.

“Buster Brown, he is one of our long-timers. He’s been here about a year and a half,” explained Dea Hamilton, a volunteer who has spent about 10 months working with Buster.

Hamilton said Buster showed up when he was just a puppy. As for what he endured before being brought to the shelter, that's unknown.

"I wish they could talk to us. They do in a way. A lot of these dogs, I can tell when I have them out that they have been abused at one time or another or neglected. He [Buster] was thin and in need of care when he came in,” recalled Hamilton.

Those who care for the dogs said that, unfortunately, is the case for a majority of the dogs at the Corning Animal Shelter.

"If an animal comes in that is sick or has been hit by a car or is hurt somehow, we can take them and do the doctoring that they need. Take them to the vet, but we need funds to help us do that," explained Williams.

As for how dire the shelter’s situation is, Williams said the only way they can continue the way they have is with donations.

“Right now we are a nonprofit organization, so actually we have no profit coming in. It’s all from donations, so anything helps,” said Williams.

If you’d like to donate some of your time, toys, dog beds, supplies for improving the dog pens or funds to help animals who are hurt check the Second Chance Pet Rescue website for more information.

“We definitely need the help to be able to show them that they can be loved and to give them a second chance,” said Williams.