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Cottonwood man installs solar panels to lower his electricity bills

Published On: Jul 08 2013 05:59:45 PM CDT

Frustrated with high electricity bills, rancher Bill Gibson set up his own solar panels for his 1,000-acre ranch in Cottonwood.

With bills at up to $500 per month, Gibson said that during the summer of 2012, he and his family thought twice about turning on the air conditioner.

Now, with solar panels he installed, he said his bill has come down to about $4 or $5 per month.

Gibson said the idea started after his daughter added 24 solar panels to her home, inspiring him to install 44 of his own last October.

The cost of the panels was about $30,000 but Gibson said after tax rebates, the cost went down to $18,000. Since then, Gibson said the system has been paying for itself.

"I just tell my wife, 'Yes, turn on the air conditioning; it's not a problem,'" said Gibson. "Each month we get a return of $250 or more for that investment."