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Demonstrators against Syrian action hit street in Chico

Published On: Sep 07 2013 07:29:17 PM CDT
Demonstrators against Syria action hit street in Chico
CHICO, Calif. -

Demonstrators in Chico on Saturday continued to show their opposition to possible United States military action in Syria.

The site of a peace vigil for decades, the corner of 4th and Main Streets turned into a demonstration Saturday afternoon.

Dozens showed up, many of whom were of Middle Eastern and Syrian descent, putting more of a personal face on today's demonstration.

"I do have a lot of friends that are still in the country at this time," says Sam Sayegh, who attended the event today.

Sayegh says he's concerned for the people he knows that live in Syria and for the innocent civilians that would be in harm's way should the United States decide to attack the country.

"The tomahawk missiles are not going to know that they're only going to hit only adults or government buildings," says Sayegh. "It will definitely hurt civilians and innocents that are there in that part of the world."

Many in the Chico community have been speaking out since President Obama first said he would try and seek a military strike on Syria.

Most have said they fear that it would only bring a larger conflict in the near future.