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DOJ pulling support of Butte Narcotics Task Force

By Colin Steiner,
Published On: Oct 09 2013 12:13:30 AM CDT
DOJ pulling support of Butte Narcotics Task Force

The Department of Justice is pulling its support of the Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force, or BINTF, so officials are working on plans that will keep the organization running with some minor changes.

BINTF is made up by members of the Butte County Sheriff's Office, Probation Department, Chico Police Department and Oroville Police Department.

Its leaders received notice October 3 that Department of Justice resources will be pulled at the end of the month, which means they'll lose a commander from the DOJ and other support.

Much of that support helps BINTF pay the rent and utilities on an operations headquarters in Oroville.

Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle says BINTF will ask the City of Oroville to give them a break on rent so they can stay in their current location.

"If not, we'll have to look at some alternative locations to be able to house that staff," says Trostle. "But the law enforcement officials in this community--in this county--have the commitment to maintain the narcotics task force and we will figure out a way how that's going to happen."

Trostle suggests they may need to use some open space at the Oroville or Chico Police Departments or at other government buildings.

He also says BINTF will find a new commander within its own ranks to take the lead.

Dave King, head of Tehama Interagency Drug Enforcement, says his organization went through basically the exact same changes not too long ago, and they've been able to operate efficiently even without the DOJ's help.