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Drought could reel in the fishing season

Published On: Jan 09 2014 08:48:05 PM CST
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REDDING, Calif. -

The lack of wet weather is creating uncertainty for fishermen in the Northstate. As of Thursday, Redding is currently more than 12 inches of rain behind the average for the season. With every day that passes, without a drop of rain, a domino effect is created.

"Oh it's a bad thing for sure, absolutely. We definitely need the rain to make everything happen," said Sandy Watts, a seasoned fisherman and employee at The Fly Shop in Redding.

Watts has seen people from all across the world walk into the fly-fishing shop on Churn Creek Road. Those who have traveled from far away are all trying to snag some of the world-class fishing along the banks of the Sacramento River in Redding.

"If it continues to be this way, it will cause a shortage," said Watts as he explained how the far-reaching drought will cause a decline in both the number of fish swimming in area rivers, and less food for them to eat.

Watts said this is creating both positives and negatives for the fishermen who flock to area river banks.

"You can fish the river from the shore a lot easier because you'll be able to wade. Normally it's quite a bit higher and is very difficult to wade. So in that respect, the access is better. But at the same time, it's also difficult on the fish. It confines the fish into a smaller area and the competition for the food is keen," explained Watts.

If the dry weather continues, the possibility of reeling in the fishing season very well could happen.

"I can imagine if things get really bad, like over on the coast, if there's not enough rain, they'll shut down the season. People can't fish, there's just not enough water in the streams and the fish are having a hard time," said Watts.