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Experts testify, present evidence in Mark Duenas retrial

Published On: Oct 11 2013 09:16:54 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 11 2013 10:56:36 PM CDT
duenas pic
REDDING, Calif. -

On Friday multiple experts testified in the Mark Duenas' retrial. Duenas is accused of stabbing and killing his wife Karen last year.

Friday's testimony centered on items found at the crime scene.

The morning started with a focus on the window screen from the room where Karen's body was found. 

State Department of Justice criminalist Thomas Vasquez says he analyzed the screen on Karen's bedroom window.

The prosecution has argued Mark cut the screen himself in an attempt to make it appear as though there had been a break-in.

Vasquez said his investigation indicated it had been cut in several areas. But, he could not confirm whether the cuts were made by someone outside or inside the room.

The majority of the day the witness stand was occupied  by D.O.J. criminalist Rebecca Gaxiola.

She testified she did not find any foreign DNA under Karen's nails and that a hair found underneath one of them belonged to Karen.

Jurors were also show a block of kitchen knives. They were also shown a larger knife in more detail. Gaxiola says she found a white residue on it -- but did not say what the residue was.

Gaxiola also testifed she did not find blood on any of the knives, but also said that was not surprising, since the knives could easily have been washed and are made of a non-porous material.

Afternoon testimony focused on lab tests done on the clothing Mark Duenas was wearing the day he says he discovered Karen's body.  Prosecutor Stephanie Bridgett had Gaxiola describe all the tests done on the clothing.

Enlarged images of his shirt, boxer briefs and shorts were displayed while Gaxiola pointed out areas where tests revealed blood in spots not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

Monday is Columbus Day and a court holiday. Trial will resume Wednesday with Gaxiola expected to be back on the stand.