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Fire burns towards power lines

Published On: Aug 26 2013 08:10:25 PM CDT

The Deer fire is burning towards electric transmission lines that connect to 15 western states.

The lines are part of the Western Interconnect power grid, which supplies most of the power to California, but doesn’t directly connect to any towns.

Those transmission lines are suspended between 200 and 250 feet above the ground and are supported by steel lattice structures.

The power lines are 500,000 volt transmission lines that connect transformers in Round Mountain to another transformer in Table Mountain just outside of Oroville.

It is an important connection, but there are redundancies built into the lines in case they have to take them out of commission.

Essentially, they are like an electricity superhighway and electricity traveling through those lines can be detoured through other lines.

This means that, according to PG&E, even if they are taken out of commission for the fire fighting effort, your computer will still have power.

Officials said that this has no chance of turning into a 2003 Northeast Blackout situation. There are too many fail-safes in place for the cascade effect to occur.