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Folks are expected to spend less this Halloween season

Published On: Oct 22 2013 02:48:42 AM CDT
Folks are expected to spend less this Halloween season
Redding, Calif. -

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend about $6.9 billion for Halloween costumes, candy and decorations. Although it is slightly down from last year, it's a 50% increase from 2005.

Traditional costumes are expected to top the list for Halloween. The NRF says that adults will pick witches, scary masks and action super hero characters. They are expected to spend a total of $1.2 billion.

Parents are spending slightly less on their children, it is predicted they will pay out about $1 billion. They are most likely choosing costumes like princesses, Spider-Man or Disney characters.

For Katee Cauffold of Cottonwood, she's just excited for the holiday experience with her family.

“We all went through it as children so it was something you look forward to and you want to share it with your own children,” said Cauffold.

Dog owners are predicted to be paying out about $330 million. Topping the list for choices are pumpkins, hot dogs and bumblebees.

Even if people decide not to dress up for Halloween, they will most likely purchase candy so they’ll be prepared for when trick-or-treaters come to their door.

“Passing out candy is a lot of fun for us it’s fun to see how they react with the other kids, his sister loves it, she is always waiting outside for the next trick-or-treaters,” said Cauffold.

The average shopper will spend about $75.00 on everything including candy, costumes and decorations. Stores like Target in Redding prepare at least a month in advance before their items hit the floor.

“It’s a really great time for families to be together and we like to celebrate that as a store,” said Target Executive Team Leader Stacey Wester.