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Free workshop teaches people survival skills

By Tracey Leong,
Published On: Nov 08 2013 02:43:42 AM CST
Free workshop teaches people survival skills
Redding, Calif. -

A self-defense workshop is being offered in Redding to help people protect themselves from becoming a victim.

“This is a street survival course this is something that will benefit people in real life,” said self-defense instructor Casey Day.

Casey Day is also an officer with the Anderson Police Department; he brings years of experience to this no fluff class. He teaches his students that it’s all about being aware of your surroundings, not allowing the attacker to get the chance to hurt you and doing whatever it takes to escape and get help.

“Have a response for it and that’s why I think the ladies coming into these classes making that initial step and are saying no we will not be victimized,” said Officer Day.

Anje Walfoort owns Fusion Life and Fitness in downtown Redding. She hosts free workshops because she says the knowledge people gain is life saving.

“It doesn’t matter your size or weight it’s about learning how to get away and having that confidence can help you,” said Walfoort, “you are going to have much better odds just by the tactics he teaches.”

Officer Day has seen a rise in criminal activity in Shasta County; he wants the community to be prepared when they need to fight back.

“Times are different and it’s the time for each respective citizen to take their own responsibility to protecting themselves and their family,” said Officer Day.

If you are interested in taking this free self defense workshop, it is taught once a month at Fusion Life and Fitness. Please check out their website for details: