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German shepherd adopts orphaned lamb

Published On: Jan 24 2014 09:14:50 PM CST
GERBER, Calif. -

An incredible bond has formed between a lamb and a German shepherd in Tehama County.

The Karakas family said the little lamb named Rammy was rejected by its mother, so they took it in.

To their surprise, their 3-year-old German shepherd Quickie is treating the lamb like it's one of her puppies.

"I can’t explain it but he’s really important to me," said Aurora Karakas, who had the idea of pairing the two together.

Aurora said the idea came to her when she found out that Rammy was being rejected by his mother..

"The mother must have figured there was something wrong with him and started kicking him in the face," said Aurora.

Aurora decided to pair Rammy with Quickie, she said at first quickie was a little distant but then something happened.

"She realized, this could be a good fit for me and she’s like 'did I magically have a puppy over night or something?'” said Aurora.

Quickie started nursing Rammy and the inseparable duo play and cuddle.

"They turned out to have a special bond between each other, he actually has a friend to play with while I’m at school," said Aurora.

Aurora’s mother, Mary, said there is something we can all learn from this beautiful experience.

"If people try harder they too can get along we just need more acceptance,” said Mary Karakas.