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Globetrotters dribble into Redding with new options for fans

Published On: Jan 15 2014 06:59:08 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

The Harlem Globetrotters paid a visit to Shasta College Tuesday night.

Thousands packed in to the gym where the team put on a show that's been going since 1927.

The Globetrotters have more than 20,000 games under their belt, and this year fans are getting closer than ever.

In 2013, the team became the first organization in sports and entertainment to allow fans to vote on game rules.
The idea was such a hit with attendees, that more options were added in 2014.

New rules include a Hot Hand Jersey where a player will receive double the amount of points on baskets if they're wearing a special jersey. The jersey can be passed among the players.

Another rule is Make or Miss. A quarter will begin with only two players on the court and when a team scores, another player is added. However, when a shot is missed, that player must leave the court, leaving the remaining team member shorthanded.

Also added was a Trick Shot Challenge. Coaches get three red challenge flags. Each coach can challenge the other team to make a trick shot. If it's successful, the team earns five points. If they miss, the other team gets five points.

Fans are asked to vote of the rules by logging on to the team's website: