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Hail storm causes damage in Eastern Shasta County

Published On: Jul 04 2013 09:32:24 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 05 2013 12:37:10 PM CDT

Eastern Shasta County had quite the storm Wednesday night.

It started around 7:30 p.m. and lasted about 30 minutes, causing some damage in the Fall River Mills area.  

Jazmine Graves and Donna Sanders live at the Cedarwood Apartment Complex. They said some of the hail was "almost baseball sized. You could hear them. It literally sounded like gunshots when they'd hit the roofs or explode."
Graves and Sanders said they were getting ready to leave their apartments when the weather eerily changed. "It was like 103 degrees. it had cooled down from almost 110 but then it dropped down below 40's in just a matter of minutes."

The next thing they knew, they were slammed with a major hail storm. "They just started coming down, big ones like golf balls," they told us, "it sounded like gunshots. We had to retreat inside. I couldn't even go roll up my windows. I ended up with 2 or 3 inches of water at the bottom of my car, dents all over the top. We had a friend come out to try and roll car windows up and he got hit in the head a couple times with golf ball size hail balls and he had knots all over his head."

Graves and Sanders also said when the storm passed through there was a handful of kids playing on a playground in the complex. They children had no choice but to hide under the slide and the structure to keep from getting hit.

Even though its July, they told us it felt like the middle of winter. "Everything was covered in white. There was no green on the ground. No black on the asphalt...nothing. It was just completely white."

Both women have lived in the area their whole lives, but said they've never been in a storm like this.

"It was so crazy, but it was the most magnificent storm I had ever seen. I was so glad I was able to see it," Graves said.

Even Thursday morning, the day after the storm, there was a good amount of hail scattered all around throughout the apartment complex.

The Fort Crook Museum was also damaged.

The museum has been there since 1963 and means a lot to the Fall River Mills community.

Pitville School, built in 1885, is featured at the museum. The side windows of the school were shattered by the hail.

Their garden was also damaged. The flowers were all flattened too.

Dorothy Mason, the museum's Curator and Billy Mason, the Director said they've never had this amount of nature-caused damage, but that they know the community will help fix it back up.

It's a non-profit museum, so the Mason's said they appreciate the community's help.