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Heat leads to two fallen trees in Paradise

Published On: Jun 05 2013 07:59:32 PM CDT
PARADISE, Calif. -

Early heat brought down two big trees in the early hours on Wednesday in Paradise – one landed on a home and the other blocked a road.

It’s called summer limb drop and experts say it happens a lot when the temperatures spike and it leaves behind quite a mess.

Steve Feazel saw quite a site when he walked outside his Paradise home this morning when he saw the mess left by a fallen oak tree branch.

“Well, it was a loud boom.  There's no doubt about it but we just didn't know what it was,” said Feazel.

It was three in the morning when Steve, his wife and their small dog Bella were jolted awake by the noise but couldn't figure out what it was.

“We looked around for a little bit and couldn't see anything and went back to bed.  This morning, we got up and saw the tree had fallen and hit the house,” said Feazel.

It was a tree in Feazel's neighbor's yard that started the whole thing.

“It was kind of a domino effect.  It took several trees with it and it ended up on our roof,” said Feazel.

It also knocked down a few power lines but Feazel said he did not lose any power and no one hurt.

A similar event took place just a few miles away at about the same time.  A tree fell and blocked off an entire road.

“This entire area was covered.  When the police showed up, you couldn't see his headlights,” said Dennis Kenshalo, whose home was near the fallen tree.

Kenshalo said he woke up 10 minutes before it happened. He said he was stunned when he heard the 70-foot tree go down in front of his home.

“All of a sudden a huge crash come tumbling down.  I ducked because I thought it was on the house,” said Kenshalo.

Experts said the reason why trees fall like this in the summer because of all of the water they are are absorbing to cope with the high temperatures.

“The moisture in these trees, it's mostly the oak trees, there gathering in their system. They just get hot and the water turns into steam and explodes,” said Paradise Public Works Manager Paul Derr.

Experts also said that although no one can predict when summer limb drop will happen but if you have large trees on your property, it is a good idea to get them regularly check by an arborist.