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Idea floating to have the Chico B-Line buses go to Sacramento

Published On: Jun 17 2013 08:08:39 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 18 2013 11:50:08 AM CDT
CHICO, Calif. -

There is talk of a new bus route between Chico and Sacramento but before it can happen, the B-Line bus system has to ensure it makes financial sense.

The Butte County Association of Governments came up with the idea after a lot of requests from both elected officials and people saying they wanted the route.

“It sounds like there is a need for those potential needs for those people who park specifically and carpool to the Sacramento area,” said Any Newsum of the Butte County Association of Governments.

As it works now, the B-Line takes on a heavy burden getting thousands of people across Butte County. However, some Butte County residents said they would be excited.

“I would love to take a bus like this over a Greyhound,” said Tanya Young, who rides the bus five times a week and would love the idea of the B-Line heading to the capital.

“That would help me because I can go shopping. I don't really shop here in Chico so I can go down to Sacramento in the morning and come back here at night with my goods,” said Young.

But when the association ran a six-week survey starting in mid-April they only got 40 to 50 people to respond.

“It's one thing if they want the service.  It's another thing saying they will actually use the service.  So we have to make a few more steps,” said Newsum.

B-Line said if the idea were to become reality they could not use the buses they have already. Instead, they would need to invest in two charter buses.

“That's $600,000 and up,” said Newsum.

Tanya Young said it is worth it.

“My friends and I would like it. We would go down as a party,” said Young.

The association does not yet have a set date on when they will take the next step but its representatives tell us they should have their minds made up in the fall.