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In Court: 18-Year-Old Accused Of Beating Up Bay Area Teen, Then Tweeting About It

Published On: May 15 2013 08:56:27 PM CDT
OROVILLE, Calif. -

Rodney Freeman, 18, was in Butte County Superior Court on Wednesday after being accused of beating up another teenager and then talking about the fight on Twitter.

Freeman allegedly attacked 19-year-old Daniel Chesterman on February 8 in Chico.

Police said Chesterman was attacked near the corner of Hazel and 9th St., causing some serious damage to his face.

Chesterman had to have four plates and several screws installed in his face following the attack. He had his second surgery last week.

“It's still pretty swollen on the eyelid but he also has no feeling in his left face,” said David Chesterman, Daniel’s father.

The Chesterman family reached out to us after police ruled the beating as mutual combat.

It was a tweet that made police change their mind.  The tweet that says "I literally collapsed half of some kid's face last night- #newsoftheday"

“He doesn't seem to have any remorse and he bragged about it the next day,” said Chesterman.

Freeman was supposed to have his preliminary hearing Wednesday morning but it got pushed back to June 21 due to scheduling issues but the prosecution says they are building a strong case.

“I can't comment on the exactly on the state of the evidence because we don't want to impair the investigation but you'll be able to view that on the 21st”, said Deputy District Attorney, Jacque Delvin.

David Chesterman said he is glad to see justice being served.

“It oughta affect him for the rest of his life as it did to Daniel's life,” said Chesterman.

Freeman’s defense attorney said he believes that Freeman was defending himself that night.  Freeman is due back in court on June 21.