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Increase in gonorrhea in the Northstate

Published On: Jan 07 2014 09:09:01 PM CST
RED BLUFF, Calif. -

There's been a spike in Gonorrhea in the Northstate.

Shasta, Tehama and Butte counties have all seen cases of the sexually transmitted disease increase in 2013 and health officials said they are getting concerned.

“Some people aren't gonna have any symptoms at all, the people who do have symptoms are probably gonna have a discharge,maybe painful urination," said Linda Rosa, Tehama County’s Supervising Public Health Nurse. "It is increasing here not only in Tehama county and in the Northstate but across the state"

Rose said people with multiple partners having sex without protection are the ones most at risk.

According to the numbers many aren’t taking precautions. For Shasta County, prior to 2012 they averaged about 40 cases of gonorrhea a year.

In 2012, 168 cases were confirmed, in 2013, 237 cases ,a 41 percent increase in the rate of cases compared to 2012.

In Butte County, prior to 2012 they averaged about 59 cases per year. In 2012 they had 59 cases and in 2013 they had 128 cases.

Tehama County said they also had an increase. They couldn't confirm the number before or during 2012 but said in 2013 they had 57 cases reported.

"They should be using condoms and they should know who they are having sex with," said Rose.

If left untreated gonorrhea can lead to stomach infections and infertility, the only way to stop it is by taking medication.

Rose said it's also important to remember that just because it’s been cured once doesn't mean it can’t be passed on again.

"Make sure their partners know to get treatment as well because that's a really important aspect or else it will keep spreading,” said Rose.

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