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Inmates in action - park clean up at Caper Acres

Published On: Nov 04 2013 09:06:22 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

Some Butte County inmates were cleaning Caper Acres in Bidwell Park to help keep it open.

"It gives us a chance to get give back for things we have done in our past," said inmate, Scott Wever.
Wever and rest are a part of the Alternate Custody Program that allows them to be on house arrest, and at the same time give back to the community.
"You get to be home with your family," said Wever.  "You get to spend Christmas, and holidays with your family, and the same time work to help pay back for whatever crimes you have committed."
Due to the dark times for Chico's city budget, park hours had to be trimmed down from six days to three.  
Volunteers and the company Serv-Pro stepped in to keep the park open for six days but Serv-Pro could only do it until the beginning of October. The sheriff's office stepped in.
"We have devoted a lot of staff time to this thing and a lot of inmates are here," said Captain Andrew Duch, Butte County Jail Commander.
Duch reinsures that all of the inmates are being watched.

"Nobody is coming from jail to work at Caper Acres.  Everyone is coming from their homes," said Duch.
"There's nothing to be frightened of," said Cathy Eide, a frequent park visitor.  "People make mistakes and this is a way for them to make it better."
By having the inmates clean up the park, it saves the city about $28,000 a year.
The inmates will be out every Monday and Thursday night to keep the park clean.