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Juice bar rooting itself in Redding

Published On: Jan 07 2014 07:27:34 PM CST
Roots Juice Bar
REDDING, Calif. -

Eric Rothmann, owner of Roots Juice Bar on Bechelli Lane in Redding, is cultivating his business through catering to his customers.

"The name Roots had a lot to do with it. Like everything starts at the roots sort of thing, so we're rooted with our community," explained Rothmann.

The idea for the majority -organic and locally grown smoothie spot sprung up about eight months ago. Rothmann, his girlfriend and a buddy first established their juice drinks online and at the Redding farmer’s market.

"We started our Facebook page and ended up growing through farmers market, and that's where our roots lie, is at farmers market. That's where we built all our regular customers and that's who support us today," said Rothmann.

Those faithful customers show their support, and their roots juices, on social media. The Roots Juice Bar Facebook page has more than 1,000 people who have liked their page. Dozens of others post photos of themselves, along with their Roots Juice, on Instagram.

"That's our main goal for the future, is we want to be rooted within our community," said Rothmann.

So if you’re thinking of giving Roots Juice Bar a shot, Rothmann sums up a few reasons to try it out.

"If it tastes good, is good for you, makes you feel good, there's no reason not to," explained Rothmann.

Here’s a look at their drink menu and pricing:
Mean Green - kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and ginger
Un-beat-able - beats, kale, carrot, apple and ginger
Green Machine - parsley, spinach, green bell pepper, cucumber, ginger, lemon and celery
Pink Lemonade - red cabbage, apple, pear and lemon
Sunrise - carrot, apple and lemon
Good Morning - ginger, lemon and apple

$4 for an 8oz
$5.25 for a 12oz
$6.25 for a 16oz