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Jury begins deliberations in Duenas murder retrial

Published On: Nov 01 2013 12:48:52 PM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

The jury in the Mark Duenas murder retrial has begun deliberations.

Mark Duenas is accused of stabbing his wife, Karen Duenas of nearly 33 years, to death in their Cottonwood home in May 2012.

On Thursday the jury heard the last of closing arguments.

Defense attorney, Ron Powell finished where he left off from yesterday.

He continued to present the argument law enforcement treated the case as a puzzle that they wanted to create, picking and choosing pieces they wanted to fit.

One of those pieces, time.

Mark's son was at the movies when prosecutors allege Mark killed Karen.

Powell questioned how mark knew he would have the time to commit the murder, and shower before his son returned.

"How would he know when Casey would be home?"

"How did he know his son would even get into the movie?"questioned Powell.

Powell addressed Mark's relationship with another woman, Annettee Green, who lives in Idaho.

The two were friends in the 1970s.

Powell called it simply an escape to simpler times.

He said it was never physical, at one point Mark even telling told Annette ,"I need to be a better husband."

Powell said Mark also told Annette, "I love my wife."

"This was not an out of control, passionate relationship," said Powell.

"There was never any evidence of divorce."

In a rebuttal, Shasta County Deputy District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett argued law enforcement canvassed the neighborhood before naming Mark as a "person of interest"

"This was anything but a snap decision," said Bridgett.

Multiple times throughout her argument Mark could be seen shaking his head.

Bridgett touched on that 911 call again where law enforcement claims Mark admits to killing his wife.

She said in jailhouse calls Mark made, he claimed the voice on the call did say "I killed my wife, sh-t."

The defense maintains it really says "I found my wife sick."

Bridgett said the fact the couple was also seen in public earlier in the day was also part of a front they put on for people.

The jury will continue deliberations Friday morning.