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Magalia man building community park on his property

Published On: Aug 04 2013 08:00:06 PM CDT
Magalia man building community park on his property

Over the years, a Magalia man has been putting everything he has into building the park every kid dreams about on his private property on The Ridge, and he needs some help getting it done.

“The inspiration is, I'm a kid at heart,” says park dreamer Kris Nikolauson.

And walking around his property at 14988 Nimshew Rd just off the Skyway in Magalia it's clear that statement is not a lie.

It's named Loch Loman Glen and over the years Nikolauson has been slowly putting the park together for the community to use, asking only in return for "donations from the heart."

“The kids up here don't have much to do,” he says. “When school is out the crime rate goes up. The other choice they have is to run down to the rivers where there's glass and smoking and dope and you-name-it is going on down there. Here, we can keep them where the adults can watch them.”

And Ashley Platz, who was hosting her daughter's birthday party at the park on Sunday, thinks it is a wonderful idea.

“It's great,” Platz says. “There's a playground for the kids, (a) place to cool down in the summer time…it's hot outside. To have something like this in Magalia is a long time needed.”

But this is definitely not your average city-run park.

None of it—the jungle gym, merry-go-round, trampoline or zip-line—really screams safety, and that is just part of its character and Nikolauson's.

“You're here at your own risk, so NO LAWYERS ALLOWED,” Nikolauson jokingly says.

And, for Platz, the hazards aren't nearly enough to keep her from bringing the family up to enjoy the free park.

“As far as I'm concerned he's opened his land for the public and we should be responsible for our own children,” she says. “There's no major hazardous anything anywhere for the kids to get hurt on so as long as you're watching your kids attentively—as you should be at the water—then it's a great place to be.”

And while it already has a swimming pond, playground, zip-line and the makings of an amphitheater, Nikolauson's ideas just keep coming.

He is planning on building a sandy beach where young children can wade in the water, a dock with a two-story high-dive, a zip-line across the pond and a floating trampoline.

Although Loch Loman Glen is still a work in progress it has already played host to a couple of weddings, plenty of birthday parties and even a number of baptisms.

Community groups have also expressed interest in using it.

But to make his dream a reality, Nikolauson needs help.

“It all takes money and we have hardly any of it,” he says. “So if you're rich and you hate your kids and you don't have a dog you want to leave it to, put it here because this is going to do some good for the community.”