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Man dies from falling tree branch

Published On: Oct 16 2013 02:40:04 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 16 2013 11:43:13 AM CDT
Man dies from falling tree branch
Redding, Calif. -

A Shasta County man was killed by a falling tree branch Tuesday morning off of Knighton Road and White Birch Lane in Redding.

According to the Shasta County Public Works Department, Delbert Johnson was trimming a black oak tree when a branch fell on his head. Johnson suffered serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Johnson owned and operated Delbert Johnson Stump Removal Company for more than 40 years. He was known as the “Doctor of Stumpology.” He was in a standing agreement with Shasta County to work on multiple projects.

One of his friends, Vic Hannan, lives down the street from where the incident happened. He said it was a terrible accident that could have been avoided.

“I feel really sad I mean the fact he even had to be here to cut these two trees down because one person complained because branches fall in his yard just doesn’t make sense to me,” said Hannan.

Hannan is upset because he believes the tree never even needed to be trimmed. The one person who complained is his neighbor. The tree that Johnson was working on is directly across the street from his neighbor’s home on the 19,000 block of Knighton Road.

“There isn’t one single branch that is rotten or hollow or has any kind of disease and yet this man wanted them cut down,” said Hannan.

Hannan said his neighbor complained to Shasta County Public Works about falling branches and even threatened to sue.

“He has pestered the whole neighborhood for many years and hes been a thorn in everybody’s side one way or another,” said Hannan.

Hannan said his neighbor made an unnecessary request that resulted in tragedy.

“The fact that this even had to be done is senseless and the fact a man lost his life over something senseless like this because branches were falling off the tree is pretty pathetic,” said Hannan.

For Hannan his heart goes out to Johnson’s family.

“He was a super nice guy he would do anything for anybody and was a very fair and honest man,” said Hannan.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Department says they are not investigating this incident, and it appears to be an accident.