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Men Caught on Tape Stealing Designer Jeans

Published On: May 09 2013 12:44:01 AM CDT
CHICO, Calif. -

Two men were caught on tape as they walked out of a Chico store with three pairs of designer jeans in broad daylight.

It happened on Main Street in downtown Chico at the clothing store Urban Laundry on Monday afternoon.

Owner Cory Campos said he is offering a reward for any information.

“We got good pictures and again, my employees did everything they were supposed to. I don't want someone to stop them. We're not bouncers or a bar,” said Campos.

Campos said his employee, Clara Dever, saw five people walk into the store around 2 p.m.

“They had been making a bigger deal about the jeans and were like "oh, they have True Religions here and they went through every stack,” said Dever.

Dever said their actions made her feel suspicious.

“They weren't well-mannered or friendly; they kept to themselves and were jerks,” said Dever.

As Dever clocked out, the five then left the store.  As the new shift came in, two out of the five came back and went straight to the jeans.  They then asked an employee to check to see if they had a certain size.

The thieves were coming out to the counter getting ready to check out, they then started heading for the door.  Once they got to the door, they left without even paying.

“This is my stuff.  This is my livelihood and I take it personally. It's like someone giving into your house and taking your TV and walking out,” said Campos.

Campos then bolted out of his store and chased the two thieves.

“I was in a full sprint and they were gone,” said Campos.

Campos then called Chico Police and he's even offering a $250 award for any information that leads to these guys getting caught.

“We just need the community's help on getting leads -- anything that would help out Chico Police,” said Campos.

Each pair of jeans is valued at $200 dollars.  If you know any information about the suspects, you are asked to call Chico Police.