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Mercy Medical Center hit with wrongful death lawsuit

Published On: Aug 15 2013 08:57:55 PM CDT
Mercy Medical Center hit with wrongful death lawsuit
REDDING, Calif. -

A Sacramento attorney is moving forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against Mercy Medical Center in Redding on the behalf of a woman who lost her son in November 2011.

A press conference was held in a downtown Sacramento hotel conference room Thursday announcing the move.

78-year-old Nieves Ingraham lost her son and caretaker, 44-year-old Raymond Ingeraham, November 20, 2011 after he went in to have an irregular heartbeat corrected at Mercy Medical Center.

Attorney Moseley Collins of Sacramento says it's a common procedure and one Raymond had prior.

“You're supposed to shock the heart to make it go back to a regular heart rate,” Collins says. “It's called cardioversion. It's a very simple procedure. It happens all the time. It's very rare that anyone is hurt by it.”

According to a report from the California Department of Public Health, Mercy delivered three previous shocks to Ingraham's heart during the procedure.

But, the report says, doctors and nurses at Mercy delivered a shock that wasn't synchronized--which put him into cardiovascular distress.

“Because it's not synchronized his heart goes into a lethal heart rate,” Moseley says while pointing to a blown up poster board of the EKG readings. “Now it's just like fluttering and not's not pushing any blood, and so he's going to die.”

What’s more, the report goes on to say that while personnel delivered several more shocks to try and bring his heart beat back to normal, they never delivered the maximum amount of voltage available.

Nieves Ingraham says that her son acted as her caretaker, doing everything from washing clothes and cooking, to taking her to dialysis treatments and making sure she had the right doses of medicines she needs do to a condition.

“Now I have to do everything and I'm getting weaker and weaker. I have to do everything,” Nieves Ingraham says.

Ingraham and her attorney are seeking monetary damages to help her cope with the loss.

She also says she wants the hospital to make sure it doesn't happen again.

“It's a great loss for me and I don't want any other people to go through the same,” Ingraham. “I don't want this to be repeated. I want them to be more careful (so) that they will not hurt anybody or kill anybody any more.”