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Meth use comes with big consequences

Published On: Nov 13 2013 09:51:58 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 13 2013 10:49:13 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

Methamphetamine can have a big impact on those who use it.

Doctors say the high people get can be deadly.

"While this feeling of euphoria maybe what the patient perceives, the exact opposite is really happening. it is destroying the body," said Dr. Marcia McCampbell, Chief Medical Officer at Shasta Regional Medical Center.

The effects of methamphetamine on the users body happen quickly. They include increased heart rate and heavier breathing.

"It's a very very dangerous drug," said McCampbell. "Not just because of its addictive properties, but because what it medically does to the body."

McCampbell says the drug creates and instant feeling of euphoria and can make users feel superhuman because it effects the emotional centers of the brain.

But that comes with serious long-term physical problems.

"It affects every other body system because it constricts and destroys the small blood vessels that feed everything in the body," said McCambell.

McCampbell says the heart can be one of the hardest hit organs, often suffering irreversible damage.