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Mother Nature causes havoc in the Northstate

Published On: Dec 09 2013 08:35:54 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

Severe weather wreaked havoc around the Northstate Friday night especially in Redding.

City of Redding’s Public Works Supervisor, Randy Campbell said they were surprised at how much snow stuck to the roads.

The city had one snow plow ready to go and six on stand-by.

"We usually work north and work our way south  and usually we can keep up at it a lot better but this time it just built up so fast," said Campbell.

The City of Redding prepared, but Mother Nature hit the Northstate full force.

Because of the snow many drivers lost control, spinning out into the middle of the roads. Many drivers also got stuck. Hilltop Drive in Redding became one of the most problematic areas making it hard for drivers to get up the hill. Drivers were forced to abandon their cars.

Initially the city planned on using just one snow plow but they ended up using five.

The City of Redding is still not done with the roads.

"A lot of the hills still have a thin layer of ice and we're trying to scrape that down. We're putting de-icer on the sidewalks to make them a little safer," said Campbell.

The city of Redding also reminds home owners to turn off their sprinkles when not in use due to the fact that they can run on the sidewalk  and create a sheet of ice.