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New details revealed about the man accused of shooting a family of three, killing the mother

Published On: Sep 04 2013 03:08:25 AM CDT
PARADISE, Calif. -

We are learning new details about the man that was accused of shooting his family and killing one member on Monday morning in Paradise.

Officers say 63-year-old Robert McClintock was arrested Monday morning for shooting his brother 49-year old Rodney McClintock, his niece 12-year-old Chloe McClintock and killing her mother 53-year-old Nancy Taylor.

Chloe’s best friend, Dulce White said that Robert McClintock is "an interesting" person and she also reveals that this is not the first time she heard about Robert pulling a gun on his brother.

White says her best friend Chloe McClintock told a terrifying tale about the moments that led up to her being shot Monday in Paradise.

“She tried to get out of bed and hide in the closet,” said White.  “He saw her and then started shooting.  After she got shot, she climbed to her mom's room and tried talking to her but her mom wouldn't talk to her.”

White said Chloe was shot three times -- once on her right forearm and twice on left leg.  She says four months ago, Chloe texted her saying her uncle threatened to kill her dad.

“Chloe texted me saying he pulled a gun on her dad and told me not to say anything.  Rodney was yelling at him to get out of there.  Then a few days later he came back, and he's been there ever since,” said White.

It’s the same uncle that Dulce says that authorities arrested Monday morning for shooting her best friend, Rodney McClintock and killing Nancy Taylor.

“I guess you would have to be a psycho to hurt your family,” said White.

White says that Robert has been living with his brother and his family for the past six months.  She said during sleepovers with her friend- she would hear Robert yelling at himself.

“I could hear him yelling at himself like cussing at stuff like that.  I couldn't figure out why and I waited for Chloe to wake up that morning and I asked her why he does that and she didn't even know,” said White.

White also said that she paid a visit to Chloe Monday night at the hospital.

“She was hugging her grandma and she reached out her arms toward me.  I then gave her a big hug and I just held her and all she could tell me is that her mom didn't make it,” said White.

Robert McClintock is being charged one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder.  The district attorney's office that McClintock will be arraigned Thursday at 3 p.m.