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Operation cupcake for the Marine Corps ball

Published On: Nov 07 2013 09:12:09 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

“I was wondering if you could do 600 cupcakes and a four-tiered cake,” a big task being placed in front of former Marine Corps Sgt. Kristina Devan.

“I was like, ‘OK, I guess, sure. That's kind of a tall order but I'll see what we can do,’” recalls Devan.

All of those delicious desserts are being made, from scratch, by Devan.

She’s the baker behind Kris’ Sweet Cakes based in Redding.

On Saturday, all 600 cupcakes and the Marine Corps birthday cake will be delivered to the ball in Monterey.

"Just knowing that I get to help out fellow service members, I know how important the Marine birthday is to the Marines, just being one myself," followed by a chuckle from Devan.

She spent four years wearing the same emblem that sits neatly atop the scrumptious cupcakes she handcrafted.

"It’s the eagle, globe and anchor," explains Devan.

The Marine Corps is celebrating its 238th birthday all across the globe this Sunday.

Devan says the sweetest part of creating these tasty treats isn’t just that everyone enjoys them.

“Being a part of the event is the most important thing,” explains Devan.

The former sergeant turned chef may have hung up her cammies for an apron, but she can’t wait to deliver what could be the bell of the Marine Corps ball to all of her brothers and sisters in the armed forces.

"Ooh-rah. That's all I have to say, enjoy!"