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Oroville citizens say they're "fed up" with rising water rates

Published On: Oct 02 2013 10:17:15 PM CDT
OROVILLE, Calif. -

A neighborhood in Oroville is shouting "enough is enough" - when it comes to rising water rates.
Folks are displaying signs in front of their homes asking for it to stop.   These folks are not happy they have to spend nearly $200 a month on their water bill just to keep their lawns green.
"We pay $31 just to have a water meter. That is before they even turn on a drop of water every month," said Celia Hierschman.    
Hierschman has lived in her home off Montgomery Street for the past four years.  She says her bill from Cal Water within that time has been rising; forcing her to let her lawn die.
"I just put this lawn in. It was brand new.  I miss it a lot," said Hierschman.
She's not alone.  Signs are posted in her neighbors' front yards- and some even colored the bushes right outside their homes.
"We decided instead of making a uniformed sign, to really show our support, each of us would make our own sign," said Hierschman.
"It's difficult for people to cope with it," said Gayle Meadors, Hierschman's neighbor.

The water bill for Heirschman's house is $95 a month and that's without watering the lawn- but if the lawn did get some water- that bill would jump up to $200.
"That's why my lawn is dead and I have no back lawn.  I took everything out there.  No shrubs or trees back there. You have to do what you have to do," said Meadors.
We contacted Cal Water for comment. They say they are working on having someone call us back.
Hierschman said she went to the Oroville City Council a couple weeks ago and got them to support their cause.  She and few members of the council will head down to San Francisco on October 17 to present their case to a judge.