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Protestors lobby office of Congressman Doug LaMalfa, urging "no" vote on Syria attack

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:47:46 AM CST   Updated On: Sep 06 2013 03:23:33 PM CDT
Syria protest Oroville

A group of people gathered outside the office of Congressman Doug LaMalfa in Oroville Friday morning.

There were six people there Friday morning, urging Rep. LaMalfa to oppose President Obama's proposal to attack . 

The Republican first-term congressman issued the following statement Friday afternoon.

As our nation continues to debate President Obama’s request for the use of military force to intervene in the Syrian conflict, I believe that many important questions remain unanswered. Prior to any military involvement, we need compelling arguments as to why ’s interests and security are threatened, clear goals for our forces to achieve and a strong understanding of any governing entity that would replace the Assad regime. These elements have been notably absent from the debate thus far.”

“The information and arguments I have received in favor of intervention have not met the threshold of a dire threat to the interests of and our allies. I’ve also heard from many constituents who have strong concerns about any military involvement in . While I will continue to gather information and receive briefings on the situation, I have serious reservations over the use of military force in this instance.”

President Obama will address the country Tuesday at 6 p.m. Pacific, to make his case for an attack against .  Stay with KRCR News Channel for continuing coverage.