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Pursuit ends with car crashing into a fence

By Tracey Leong,
Published On: Sep 04 2013 03:05:20 AM CDT
Pursuit ends with car crashing into a fence

Three men have been booked for leading officers on a high speed chase in a stolen car through a Cottonwood neighborhood around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers say the pursuit reached speeds of up to 60 miles an hour, and ended after crashing into a fence on High and Chestnut Streets.  The three men reportedly then tried to run from the scene. One suspect, 27-year-old Shawn Minick was caught immediately, but the other two put up a fight. More than a dozen law enforcement agents were called to the scene to assist in the search for the suspects who ran from the crash.

“He instantly was looking for a place to hide, he was scared and then I knew it was a situation and I had to keep things calm,” said Cottonwood resident Emily McGarity.

McGarity says 21-year-old Cody Davis showed up at her home on Chestnut Street and appeared frightened so she tried to help him. Within minutes Davis started walking through McGarity’s home, searching for a place to hide. Davis found an opening in McGarity’s attic and crawled up into the space. As soon as he was in McGarity’s attic, she quickly ran outside with her children. Outside, officers were waiting and they immediately entered. They used a k-9 to get Davis to come out.

With Davis arrested Minick in custody, the search continued for the third suspect, 24-year-old Preston Johnson. Around 7 p.m. officers were tipped off that Johnson was spotted at Mark’s Cotton Club down the street.

“He was cruising through town and wanted water and so he walked in, he wasn’t threatening and he looked kind of young so I asked for his I.D.,” said Shawna Mcauliffe who works at Mark’s Cotton Club.

Mcauliffe escorted Johnson to the front when he didn’t have any identification on him, and that’s where he was met by officers. Johnson was questioned and then arrested.

Within three hours all three suspects who officers say were responsible for crashing the stolen red truck were arrested. It was a busy day for law enforcement, and a sight that some say is becoming all too common in the neighborhood.

“Getting crazier every day, more crime happening around here,” said Mcauliffe.

All three suspects will be facing several felony charges, including evading officers. Deputies say the truck was stolen from a donut shop in Anderson, where the driver reportedly left the keys inside the vehicle.