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Redding church restores stained glass windows

Published On: Sep 06 2013 07:08:49 PM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

After waiting for over 50 years, the United Methodist Church in downtown Redding is finally having six glass windows restored.

The stained glass windows are from the old church, which was completed back in 1905 after the previous church in 1884 burned to the ground.

Now the United Methodist Church is having the windows restored and will be placing them in the church’s library and social hall.

"It’s pretty cool to have a 59-year-old dream finally realized," said Pastor Rod Brayfindley.

Pastor Brayfindley said the church’s vision is finally coming to life.

The six stained glass windows were part of the old church, which was condemned by the City of Redding as unsafe for public use in September of 1950.

The stained glass windows were taken from the old church and were stored under the stage of the current church.

Now with the help of John Morton, a subcontractor for ‘ Makin Glass’ in Anderson, the pieces of the six old windows will be turned into three windows that will be placed in the church's library.

The church says those pieces are not just a special reminder of history, but also a reminder of how much good has come out of the church.

"So much good happens right here that it becomes sacred space," said Pastor Brayfindley. "You get something beautiful that kind of honors that sacred space and it feels really right, and it doesn't feel right to just lay it aside."

The church says the windows might be done be December, but there is no rush in finishing them because they are fragile pieces.