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Redding street prone to flooding, experts offer tips

Published On: Feb 28 2014 09:11:51 PM CST
oasis flooding pic

Courtesy: Jocie Mason

REDDING, Calif. -

A north Redding street was flooded this week.

Friday afternoon the water flowing through the creek on Old Oasis Road has a calm, soothing, almost serene sound to it.

The dry earth thankful for a drink.

But just a day before, on Thursday, the road was almost unrecognizable after the rain consumed the road, transforming it into a wading pool.

People who live in the neighborhood said it's common for the road to be washed out several times a year, but this year has been an exception.

"This year is the first time it's flooded," said Joel Barnett.

Barnett has lived on the road for 37 years.

"The county does work on it every year," Barnett continued.

But the water continues to flow.

On Friday the water was mostly clear from the street but "Flooded" signs were still up in the area.

Barnett doesn't mind the water.

"It's quite welcome, fun to watch, fun to see people drive through it really fast."

But driving in high water has it's problems.

"I've probably pulled 15 people out of the ditch."

Barnett said people drive too fast thinking they won't be able to make it through the water and it ends up causing problems.

Thankfully this year there hasn't been any problems with people driving on the road.

And as the rain continues to fall, Barnett is keeping a smile.

"It's enjoyable to see."

Across town at the Valley Ace Hardware on Hartnell Avenue the store is stocked with supplies to keep your home protected from the rain.

"Keeping your gutters clean so that you don't have any water backing up [is important].  It can get under your roof and cause damage or it can get on the ground and cause flooding on your front or back lawn," said store manager Matt Severtson.

The store has tools to not only clean the gutters but also extenders to add to drains to keep water away from the base of your home.

Sandbags are also available for those living around Redding.

You can pick up sand at Station 4 at 2605 on South Bonneyview Road and the vacant lot at 20155 Viking Way, across the street from Big League Dreams.

You have to bring your own bag.