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Saturday farmers market to move, new location uncertain

Published On: Sep 24 2013 07:53:11 PM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

The Saturday farmers market in Redding will have to move from their location on Cypress Avenue.

The move will happen next year when construction of the new Redding Police Department building will begin.

The farmers market draws vendors from across Northern California, some come from as far away as Yuba City.

Officials say they’re looking to stay as close to their current location as possible, but it is tough to balance their size requirements with accessibility and visibility.

They need to be near a busy road to drive business and promote the farmers market, but also have enough space for up to 80 vendors.

Complicating matters is the need for parking for patrons of the market.

Those requirements and the fact that many people either walk or bike to the markets are keeping their options slim.

So far, they are looking at the Mount Shasta Mall parking lot, or the Market Street Promenade.

The growers association will hold a vote in January but may not decide on a new location until as late as early March.