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Seaman with Northstate ties describes Navy Yard shooting

Published On: Sep 16 2013 11:47:55 PM CDT
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REDDING, Calif. -

A seaman who graduated from a Northstate high school was in the area of the Navy Yard when shots rang out.

Jason Wilson, A Red Bluff High School graduate lives in Washington D.C. and is a member of the Navy Presidential Honor Guard.

On Monday, he described the scene by phone from the Navy Museum where he and several hundred others were on lock down.

A platoon of Sailors and Marines were in the area of the shooting practicing for the arrival of Pakistan's Chief of Naval Operations when the shooting happened.

Wilson said a woman ran up to their group and started yelling chaos broke out -- the scene immediately swarmed by police, the FBI and SWAT teams.

"We were kinda caught in the crossifre -- our platoon. They came out with like M-16's and shotguns and assault rifles and just started screaming get on the ground! We didn't really know where anyone was or the seriousness of the situation so everyone kinda ducked and were ducking behind cars," described Wilson.

Wilson said he and others then rushed into the Navy Museum.

He estimated it was under lockdown for about eight hours.

Wilson said the SWAT team and police officers would frequently make sweeps through the building to make sure no one was standing by the doors.

He said that thankfully, he had his phone and was still able to communicate with his family to let them know he was alright.