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Shasta Lake School Second-Grader Dead; School Suspects Bacterial Meningitis

Published On: May 13 2013 02:25:55 PM CDT   Updated On: May 14 2013 02:00:00 AM CDT
Boyd Rogers photo

A second grade student is believed to have died of bacterial meningitis. The boy's name is seven-year-old Boyd Rogers. Shasta County Public Health confirmed that there was a meningitis case that resulted in the death of a child. They would not confirm that the child was Rogers.

According to Shasta Lake School, Rogers became "very ill" on May 8. The school sent two letters home to the parents on Friday, after the boy's death. The letters saying that it was probable that Boyd had bacterial meningitis.

In this letter the school included information about the deadly infection and tips to avoid contracting it.

The second letter informed parents that the second-grade student had died.

Many parents were frustrated due to the fact that the letters were sent out after the fact.

Tim Juhasz, whose nieces attend Shasta Lake School, is one of those who was concerned.

"All these kids have been exposed, why aren't the parents being told about it?" said Juhasz.

Other parents said they felt the same, telling us that the letter came too late. Another concern is that students didn't get any medication.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you get the flu shot but you haven't got the flu right? Same differences to me," said Juhasz.

Gateway Unified School District said they have worked closely with Shasta County Health and have followed all their protocols.

You can find more information on bacterial meningitis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.