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Silicon Valley company to bring 230 jobs to Chico

Published On: Dec 24 2013 06:53:30 AM CST   Updated On: Sep 20 2013 08:09:57 PM CDT
Milestone press conference pic
CHICO, Calif. -

Officials from a Silicon Valley company were in Chico Friday morning to reveal their plans to bring more than 200  jobs to Chico.  

Milestone Technologies is opening a contact center in November, employing a total of 230 workers.

Friday morning, company officials held a news conference with Chico city officials.

Milestone president and CEO Prem Chand was born in Yuba City and grew up in East Biggs.

"It feels good to be able to come back to Chico and give back to a community that was so good to us as a family growing up," Chand says. "That's a big part of this whole structure, is the fact that we're able to give back. And creating 230 jobs in Chico is pretty big."

After moving to the Bay Area in search of better career opportunities, Chand has come back to Chico and he brought his company with him.

Out near the Chico Airport, he is building a brand new facility that he describes with one word, "fun."

"There are going to be colors all over the place, there's a thousand square-foot gaming room with Xbox and pool tables and ping pong tables," says Chand. "There are showers, we're going to bring in food and all that good stuff. And we really want to make it a fun environment."

Chand says Milestone is looking for people with quality customer service skills in their first round of hires, which includes 90 positions they will interview for at a hiring fair on Sat., September 28 at Chico State.

They plan to add another 140 positions in November.

The company provides customized IT solutions to companies like eBay, Facebook and Google.

Milestone Technologies joins several other tech companies, including, Auctiva and Wanderful, who are making Chico their home -- something Chico Mayor Scott Gruendl says is a trend that will continue.

"What you're seeing is this emerging niche that Chico is seizing and there's more to come," says Gruendl. "This is not by accident and it takes a lot of good work by a lot of people. But more importantly, convincing these employers that we're the right place. It's not Silicon Valley, we're the backyard."

Gruendl says a collaborative effort by Chico State, Butte College and the business community has made all of this possible.

"With the university, the community college and the workforce investment and training folks... I mean, putting all of those resources together along with Team Chico just makes a huge difference in how we support people moving here, companies, and so they trust us," Gruendl said.

It's also a promising sign for the Chico business climate.

And according to Ben Juliano, interim dean at the Chico State College of Engineering, it's also great for the university and for Butte College.

"Our primary objective is to educate our students, but of course after they get educated they need to have jobs," Juliano says. "So having a locally based technology related company here in Chico is really huge."

Mayor Gruendl says Chico is a morphing into the perfect place for this type of business climate.

"What the right ingredients are is having a creative community that 20 and 30-something-year-olds are attracted to," says Gruendl. "Because that's the demographic for these tech type of companies that we're seeing today."

To pre-register for Milestone's hiring fair next Saturday, click here.