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State law triggers rush to buy long guns

Published On: Dec 16 2013 08:21:18 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 16 2013 08:25:44 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

As the New Year approaches, so does a new law going into effect on long-gun registrations.

"We are seeing an increased amount of people that are coming in, that are finding out about it, that are wanting to buy their long-guns now, prior to the first of the year so that information does not go down to DOJ," said Richard Howell, general manager for Olde West Gun & Loan in Redding.

With Assembly Bill 809 becoming law at the first of the year, registrations for shotguns and rifles will now be treated like handguns. As of Jan. 1, 2014, all long-guns must be registered with the state; something Howell said is getting customers to line up now.

"We have had some activity where people have come in and mentioned that they're buying it now because they don't want to list the make, model and serial number registered after the first of the year. Sure, and we're still going to see some of that all the way up to Dec. 31, I'm sure," said Howell.

AB 809, the long-gun registration law, was signed by Governor Brown in October of 2011. It will require federal firearms licensed gun shops to make long-gun sales information available to the California Department of Justice.

Even with shops and customers gearing up for the law to kick in, Howell doesn’t believe it will affect sales in 2014.

"People are not going to quit buying shotguns and rifles because we're putting the make, model and serial number down, they might be concerned about it and I can see why ... but I don't think that's going to incline them not to buy firearms, they're still going to buy them,” said Howell.