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The defense rests in the Jeffery Menzies murder trial

Published On: Aug 15 2013 07:43:56 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 15 2013 08:24:34 PM CDT
OROVILLE, Calif. -

Thursday was the sixth day of the Jeffrey Menzies murder trial. Menzies is accused of shooting and killing Chico pastor David Yang two years ago.

Defense attorneys spent most of the day fighting to convince the jury that Menzies was not alone the night Yang was shot and killed.

The defense called a cell phone forensics’ investigator to testify in an attempt to show the jury that Menzies' best friend, Daniel Slack, was with him on the night Yang was killed.

The defense also called Robert Aguero, a cell phone forensics investigator, to the stand. Aguero tracked Slack's cell phone on the night of the shooting and found that when he called Menzies three times, he was near the scene of the crime.

Aguero explained that cell phones will typically go to the closest tower that is around and records show that Slack's cell phone was feeding off of the tower closest to the scene. This may have contradicted Slack's earlier testimony when he said that he was home at the time of the shooting.

The defense also called Dr. Thomas Resk to the stand for the second time. He is the doctor who did Yang's autopsy report.

On Wednesday, the defense used Resk in an attempt to clarify whether the bullet actually went through the right side of Yang's neck near his hair line instead of through his right ear canal. Although, Resk admitted that he did not take any pictures or document the examination of the hole found in Yang's right neck, he stood his ground and said he believes that the bullet did go through the ear canal.

On Thursday, the trial will continue and the jury will be instructed on how to deliberate. Closing arguments are expected to be given on Monday.