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The Yule Logs, Chico band serves up unique holiday music

Published On: Dec 12 2013 02:00:00 AM CST   Updated On: Dec 04 2013 03:41:00 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

After 10 years of playing holiday rock 'n' roll music together, Chico's The Yule Logs draw huge crowds as they spread the holiday spirit across Northern California.

Beginning as a fun project, they hoped only to play shows for friends and holiday parties, but have grown into something much more.

"It's been a surprising journey," says lead singer Marty Parker. "We didn't know that we'd be playing this much and have albums. But it's been like a dream come true."

The Yule Logs play a unique brand of rock 'n' roll, Christmas and Hanukkah music that has earned them four albums and sold out shows.

"We call it twisted versions of classics you know," says lead singer Marty Parker.

Not only do they perform holiday pop classics like "Last Christmas" by Wham!, but they create catchy original tunes that take a jocular look at the beloved holidays.

"We include all the kitsch," says drummer Jake Sprecher. "Because that's the whole part of the Christmas/Hanukkah experience, is all of the pop culture stuff and the corporate holiday season that we all know and love in its own unique way."

Active only during the holiday season, when the Christmas and Hanukkah lights aren't up they all wear different hats.

Lead singer Marty Parker works as a teacher's aid in special education at Sierra View School in Chico, drummer Jake Sprecher works for KZFR community radio, bassist Kirt Lind is a sound technician and guitarist Maurice Spencer works at a rock 'n' roll venue in Portland, Oregon.

Playing community events, assemblies, bars and holiday parties The Yule Logs will play some 20 to 25 shows between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For that reason they have dubbed themselves "The Hardest Working Band in Snow Business."

"If you think about it we shove in more gigs in one month than some bands do in a whole year," says Parker. "The Yule Logs season is quick and dirty. It's like the Olympics -- it happens, it's fast and furious. You got to get in while we're doing it."

If you'd like to check out one of their shows -- and there are a ton coming up -- you can check out where they will be playing this holiday season by going to their band webpage or Facebook page for event listings.