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Thieves hit Anderson neighborhoods

Published On: Dec 11 2013 09:13:24 PM CST
ANDERSON, Calif. -

Neighborhoods in Anderson were getting broken into Tuesday night. One of the areas hit was near Pinion Street.

People living in the area said they're tired of it.

"Thanksgiving last year we got our turkey stolen. Right out of our front yard a, turkey!” said Shelly Blanks.

Shelly Blanks has lived in Anderson for about ten years and said she has seen crime on the rise. One of her neighbors had her house broken into.

"She's terrified every time she comes home. Her husband is not home and she doesn't want to open the door we need more patrol watch, big time," said Blanks describing her next-door neighbor.

The Anderson Police Department said they are doing the best they can but unfortunately, with so many AB 109 offenders in the area, along with state budget cuts they can’t keep up.

"They want food or clothing for themselves because their cold. So any opportunity they can, their going to be looking to take advantage of somebody else," said Anderson Police Lt. Rocky Harpham.

Anderson police said that one of the biggest problems is people forget to lock their doors. Police also want to remind people to keep the light on when its dark, keep your shrubs trimmed so they don't block your visibility and don't leave valuables were they can be seen. 

The Anderson Police Department  also encourages people to get involved in a crime watch group.

"You can contact our department and set up a meeting or your local neighborhood watch may already be set up," said Lt. Harpham.