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Third grade student nearly abducted at Chico school

Published On: Dec 10 2013 10:45:28 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

An eight-year-old boy was confronted by a man luring him with candy.
Landon Ruggles is a third grader at Hooker Oak Elementary School in Chico, and he says he went out by himself to get a jacket he left in the play yard when a man tried to lure him to his truck Monday afternoon.
"He told me he had a piece of candy and I just ran off," said Ruggles.  "I got really scared."
Ruggles then told his third grade teacher, and she called the police.

"My concern is that he was sent out by himself without a buddy.  So we didn't know what could have happened to him," said Ruggles' mother, Misty Bias.
Hooker Oak Elementary principal, Sue Hegedus, said there were two supervisors on the field at the time Ruggles went to go get his jacket, and she points out the gates around the school are locked when kids are in class.
"The child should be supervised and should not be alone on campus," said Hegedus.

"You know you think a fence is locked is safe but it's not that high for someone to pull over and take them," said Bias.  "Be more cautious with what they do because it's just scary."

Police are describing the suspect as a man in his twenties with dirty blonde hair, standing six-foot-tall and missing a front tooth.
You're asked to call Chico police if you have any additional information at (530) 897-4911

School administrators spoke with Ruggles' teacher about this incident, but she will not be facing any disciplinary action.