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Trina Leigh

Published On: Jan 30 2014 10:56:22 PM CST
Updated On: Jan 31 2014 12:10:38 PM CST

Blink of an Eye was created out of the unexpected tragedy that hit our family on June 3, 2010. One minute our lives were as planned, the next minute our lives were changed forever.

On that day, our daughter Katrina (Trina) had a series of pro-longed seizures, which led to an induced coma. Plausible causes include anorexia, alcohol, and domestic abuse. She spent one year in a sub-acute facility until we were able to bring her home for full-time care.

According to most doctors, Trina’s prognosis is dismal. But we’ve seen her transition from comatose to a vegetative state…and always have hope for more miracles. Although her brain development is equivalent to that of a 6-month old baby, she is able to walk with assistance (we have to be extra careful since she cannot “think” and her vision is poor) and laughs often. She truly is a miracle and we celebrate her daily progress.

Visit the website dedicated to this young girl's struggle