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Update: Flagger hit by car in road construction zone near Butte College is in fair condition

Published On: Dec 24 2013 06:18:34 AM CST   Updated On: Sep 17 2013 11:52:05 AM CDT
OROVILLE, Calif. -

A woman is in the hospital after she was hit by a car while guiding traffic in a construction zone in Butte County on Monday morning.

58-year-old Pam Brooking was working at the construction zone off Clark Road trying to slow cars down but two drivers apparently got that message too late.

Brooking was struck on the side of the road after dodging the first car that was coming towards her.

Brooking’s co-worker, who said he's had a few close calls himself, has only been working in construction for a month.

Every morning, Jeff Pierce stands on Clark Road just outside of Butte College making sure drivers and construction crews get through the cone zone safe and sound.

“It's one of those things," Pierce said. "You get used to it really quick. You deal with a lot of people out here. A lot of different styles of people.  A lot of people act like they don't see you. A lot of people don't even see you. It's a hectic time out here but what can you do.”

Within the time that Pierce has been working, he said he has already has some close calls with cars.

“I've never been hit but I’ve [had close calls] a couple of times just in the short time I’ve worked here and it's a dangerous area,” said Pierce.

His co-worker didn't have the same luck. Early on Monday morning, Brooking was hit by a car while working traffic.

“She got hit pretty well. I mean it happens and we are standing out in the middle of the road,” said Pierce.

The California Highway Patrol said two cars were involved in this accident, A PT Cruiser, and behind it - a Nissan Sentra - driven by 58-year-old Erin Lance of Paradise.

“The vehicle behind that one didn't notice in time.  It veered to the right and clipped the rear of the front vehicle and hit the flagger on the right shoulder,” said Officer Brian Donnelly.

The CHP says both cars were coming down Clark Road between Durham Pentz Road and Highway 70 doing 45 miles per hour.

“It just happens to be a it's a busy morning due to school so there's a lot of traffic on the road and have people make sure they pay attention especially in construction zones because there are lot of people on the side of the road,” said Officer Donnelly.

Brooking was airlifted to Enole Medical Center with major injuries.

“She's a real sweet gal.  Always had a good attitude.  Always great to see her at work, loved working with her,” said Pierce.

Enloe Medical Center say that Brooking is currently in fair condition.