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Whiskeytown employees back to work after government shutdown

Published On: Oct 17 2013 08:27:58 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 17 2013 02:00:00 AM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

The Government Shutdown is over after 16 long days, furloughed Whiskeytown employees returned to work Thursday morning.

Not all employees were out of work, some were required to stay and work without pay due to maintenance and water requirements.

Mary Nawak, the budget technician for Whiskeytown Lake, said she couldn’t believe that she had to pack her things because of the shutdown.

"We had four hours to come in and get back in the building and put away our things and lock things up, it was disbelief that this is truly happening," said Nawak.

Nawak was one of the 75 employees that were affected by the shutdown. But there were other employees who were required to stay and work without pay.

Chief Ranger Jim Richardson, who has worked for the government for 30 years said he wasn’t worried, since he has experienced government shutdowns before.

“I’ve been an employee for thirty years and have gone through a number of these shutdowns and we’ve always been paid in the past," said Richardson.

Whiskeytown employees said even though the shutdown is over, they are still concerned that come next year, another government shutdown will occur.

"We are all relieved that we are back to work and things are normal and have some sense of stability in our lives again,” said Nawak.