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Willows Man Furious After Neighbor Shot his Two Yellow Labs

Published On: May 07 2013 09:19:12 PM CDT
WILLOWS, Calif. -

A Willows man is furious after his neighbor shot and killed his two dogs last Friday.

According to Jeff Mendes, his two yellow labs went missing and were later found shot in a ditch in his friend's orchard. He said he and his family were devastated, mentioning that it was like "losing a family member".

Now, the neighbor who shot the dogs is claiming that it was in self-defense.

“I just don't know anybody in their right mind could have shot them," Mendes said when we spoke to him on Tuesday. " I know they didn't have a violent background."

Mendes said his two dogs – 4-year-old “Lizzie” and her 1-year-old pup “Sophia" – got out of the backyard and went missing last Wednesday while he and his wife were at work.

Mendes and his family searched around their neighborhood, asking if anyone had seen their dogs but they had no luck.

Then on Friday, Mendes said he got a call from his friend who said he found his two dogs with gunshot wounds in one of the ditches in his orchard.

The friend told Mendes that he believed his neighbor, Bob Burrows, was responsible.

“We have other neighbors that live in the area that had dogs missing and the rumor was that it was Bob,” said Mendes.

That rumor turned out to be true.

“The placement, the tracks leading up to and from his house from where they were dumped lead me [to thinking that] I have a pretty good reason to believe it was him,” said Mendes.

Mendes called Animal Control and when the authorities talked to Burrows, he admitted to shooting the dogs.

Mendes said he was furious, mentioning that he had been friends with Bob before his dogs were shot. He said he felt that Bob could have made a better choice.

"He could've been the hero in all of this just by simply calling Animal Control," Mendes said. "I would have thanked him."

Burrows, however, tells a different story. On Tuesday, Burrows said the dogs were attacking him and he shot them in self-defense.

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the case.