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Win-River Casino soon to be smoke-free

Published On: Feb 07 2014 09:14:35 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 07 2014 09:16:58 PM CST
win river casino
REDDING, Calif. -

Win-River Casino and Resort in Redding will soon be smoke-free.

According to Public Relations Director Maria Orozco said the casino will be the first urban casino in California with a smoking ban.

The plan is to be smoke-free by March.

Orozco said the number one reason for the change was to protect the health of their employees and patrons.

"We're not doing this because we have to, we're doing it because we want to," said Orozco.

"We care about our employees, we care about our patrons, we want more of our community members to visit so we're doing it," she continued.

It's a decision that's been in the works for awhile.

"We've wanted to do this since 2007, we've been gathering the statistics," explained Orozco.

According to the statistics only about 10 percent of their patrons smoke.

But even with smoke-free areas available in the casino, you can never really seem to shake that trademark smell.

In the lobby of the casino's shiny, new hotel, which was recently completed, Rochelle Wrinkle works as a front desk agent.

Wrinkle is all too familiar with the smell and said the change will be a breath of fresh air.

"Even though I'm a smoker when I come in my eyes start watering and my nose runs and I think it's going to be great on all the employees and the guests themselves," said Wrinkle.

"I think it's a great idea," said Jason Wilson, who sometimes visits Win River.

"We have a great time but when we get home we smell like an ashtray."

Wilson said without the smoke, he expects to visit more often.

Orozco believes the push to go healthier will set an example in the community and hopefully generate more business to the area.

"We're bringing it to the Northstate and we're going to be the first."

Orozco said there will be accommodations made for customers who choose to smoke as well.