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Would you make a good cow?

Published On: Sep 10 2013 09:07:21 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 11 2013 01:28:12 PM CDT
ORLAND, Calif. -

If you are one of those people who just looks at food and gains weight, you would make a desirable cow, and those traits are exactly what geneticists at a dairy farm in Orland are looking for.

Brentwood Farms is a dairy farm near Orland with about 1500 cows.

Bob Bignami owns and operates it; he's been on the cutting edge of genetic research with his cattle.

Bignami says nationwide, dairy cows are giving about 50% more milk than they did 20 years ago.

The reason: genetics.

At a Chico rotary meeting Tuesday, Bignami wanted to clear a few things up.

It has nothing to do with genetic engineering or cloning, it's about selecting the best genetics through in-vitro fertilization.

The kinds of genes they look for come from cows that gain weight easily - turning feed into muscle and fat, to produce the heartiest cows.